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The Golden Isles will be recognized as a top location for talent development and attraction that supports a growing and diverse set of industries. This vision will be achieved by implementing a community-wide workforce development strategy that is aligned to current and future workforce needs, inclusive of partners, and has clear accountability. 


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Strategy 2021-2025

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In 2020, the Golden Isles Development Authority and the Brunswick-Golden Isles Chamber of Commerce launched an effort to develop a community‐wide talent development strategy for The Golden Isles (Brunswick and Glynn County).

The Carl Vinson Institute of Government worked with a 23-member local steering committee to identify current workforce resources, challenges, and opportunities for the Golden Isles.

The project results assessed the current status of workforce initiatives across the community, identified gaps. They developed a vision and roadmap for advancing talent development efforts over the next several years. The final strategy was released to the community on March 15, 2021, via a live webinar.

Thank you to the Davis Love Foundation for sponsoring this project and their continuous investment in the Golden Isles community.

This would not have been possible without the steering committee members for generously donating their time and talents. Their hard work on the strategy, and commitment to the work ahead, will have a lasting impact on the Golden Isles.

If you have questions about the Talent Development Strategy or would like to be involved, please fill out the form above or call 912-265-6629.